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William C. Knapp

President, C.E.O.
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
I retired from DuPont of Canada Research & Development Centre in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

I founded BIO-H2-GEN Inc. in 2007 along with my partner who recently retired from Bombardier as their President of their North American Land Transportation Division. We also have two minor share holders; our CFO who owns an accounting firm and a renowned author and PhD consultant in the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

We recently completed a successful Phase I that provided us with empirical evidence (in batch mode) of a proprietary chemical process for the production of "zero carbon" hydrogen. We plan to produce hydrogen in a "continuous process" that utilizes an existing renewable source that is actually available in most communities throughout the world.

Completion of a US provisional patent application is imminent. Our next Phase II will involve a Pilot Plant facility in a 15,000 to 75,000 populated community; to be selected from one that wishes to be become a "consortium participant".

"Angel Investment" is being sought to complete our next Phase II.