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Dara O'Neill

Founder, President & CEO, E2America
National Accounts Manager, TCS Basys Controls

For the past ten years Dara O’Neill has devoted his entrepreneurial talents to the energy efficiency industry. From sustainable property development to the latest cutting edge wireless web based building automation technology Mr O’Neill has a wealth of experience in all aspects of energy and cost reduction best practices.

Mr O’Neill has contributed to two patent applications related to the intelligent wireless building automation controls to lower both consumption and demand. The first patent is related to the intelligent cycling of HVAC equipment using sophisticated algorithms top lower peak electricity demand, the second is related to automated adjustment based on thermal comfort to lower consumption.







The Company Efficient Energy America LLC and its sister company EFFICIENT ENERGY GLOBAL LLC were formed to develop a web based wireless energy efficiency technology, and establish E2 as a leading company in the CleanTech Industry, providing technology solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and to promote the importance of good energy management for the economic, social and environmental well-being of the planet.   PEOPLE   PLANET   PROFIT

Efficient Energy promotes an Energy Management and Sustainability Platform to significantly reduce energy and operational costs in small to medium sized commercial buildings

Our Services include
Building Efficiency Survey

Nationwide hardware installation, service and emergency repair

Wireless Retrofit Design to connect HVAC – Lighting- Refrigeration or any plug load

Monitor, control & optimization

Finance, Capital leasing program

Utility incentive capture

Federal Tax incentives

Outsourced Managed services – 24/7 Emergency Alert Response team

Our web based technology is specifically designed for small to mid-sized facilities – retail, branch banks, restaurants, and convenience stores – that have traditionally missed out on the cost-saving advantages of building automation.

The innovation is a new concept where the efficiency created using strategic partnerships, best practices, cutting edge wireless Zigbee mesh network technology, connected to the web and all web connected app based user devices.

This provides the customer with immediate feedback, monitoring, controlling, optimization, analysis, diagnostics and remote visibility, to instantly lower energy and equipment maintenance costs for the small to medium sized commercial retail building owner. 

Providing sources of capital, utility incentives, federal incentives, outsourced administration and 24/7 managed services deliver unparalleled ROI generating significant efficiencies and creating a fundamental change in business processes.

Catering to over six thousand,  1,000 to 50,000 sq ft commercial retail facilities nationwide, the concept was developed independently and in cooperation with others to offer affordable access to hundreds of years of industry leaders combined energy and efficiency experience featuring innovators in the field to provide universal insight into the Impact and value of lowering costs through the use of the most intelligent patented technology featuring web connected automated algorithms and leading industry services.

This concept has proven to be cost-effective by providing services which impact multiple operational areas.

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