Total Energy USA assembles all the energy sectors – fossil, renewable and nuclear – to give you a comprehensive look at different energy solutions that will generate energy business and help to address today’s energy challenges. In an event focused on how businesses are impacted by energy and designed to open new opportunities, you will have access to the latest information, the newest technologies and the best industry connections.

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Houston Business Executives
Houston, Texas Area
My name is Zachary J. Grimm. I'm a charismatic young business professional with an unmatchable desire to successfully establish myself as a valuable asset for the right company in downtown Houston, TX. While studying Business at an accredited Liberal Arts University I have developed a true passion for Business which turned into a growing desire to constantly improve my career potential. Competing 4 years for NCAA Division III Football program provided me with multiple intangibles that will positively correlate into the growth of my professional career. Recommendation letters will prove that I've shown excellent communication skills and strong analytical skills. I love meeting new people which has translated into networking and creating professional relationships. I am willing to do whatever it takes to become successful and I'm confident that I can obtain each and every one of my goals because hard-work P.A.Y.S. off when "Passion and Ambition Yields Success".